What details should be paid attention to in gift box packaging design?

From ancient times to modern times, relatives and friends have the habit of giving gifts, and gift box packaging has become more and more exquisite. Gifts are packaged when giving gifts, and gift box packaging design is very important.

1. About the gift box structure

Under normal circumstances, if the gift box packaging form is used, it means that more attention is paid to the form. Therefore, in the box structure, the shape of the gift box packaging is mainly stable, and the factors to be considered are coordination, symmetrical balance, and size Size and so on. The gift box has a variety of structures to choose from, including clamshell, drawer, combined and so on.

2. Packaging materials

In the choice of materials, basically all are relatively high-end, but the editor needs to remind everyone that when choosing materials, we need to take into account the environmental protection of the materials, and do not choose materials that are harmful to people or nature. If your gift box needs to be mailed for a long time, you must also consider the firmness of the gift box, and consider various problems that may occur during transportation, such as abrasion resistance and water resistance.

3. Packaging style

No matter what kind of packaging it is, it needs to be designed according to the target audience. In the gift box packaging design, there are many aspects that need to be considered, for example, what kind of group the gift is to be considered, not only Taking into account oneself, but also from the perspective of consumers, personalized designs should be adopted to attract consumers.

4. The pattern conforms to the design concept

The meanings expressed by different patterns are also very different. If customers want to let the recipients convey a certain feeling, as a packaging gift box design company, they need to understand the needs of customers and use more warm patterns. To design the gift box packaging, so that the outer packaging can directly reflect the sincere emotion of the gift giver.

5. The gift box material is environmentally friendly

If it is a professional gift packaging design company, they will pay special attention to choosing environmentally friendly materials for design and production when designing, because only when the materials are environmentally friendly, the recipient can properly handle the packaging gift box, and there is no need to worry about it. Pack gift boxes and pollute the environment. Environmentally friendly materials can also be used for other purposes, not only for storage, but also for recycling to protect the environment.

Gift box packaging design is an art. Its existence not only represents the psychological satisfaction of the gift-giver, but also promotes the development of packaging design and business to a large extent.

Post time: Dec-30-2020