What are the functions of the packing boxes?

Boxing has become a powerful marketing tool. Well-designed packaging boxes can create convenience value for consumers and promotional value for producers. A variety of factors will promote the further development of packaging as a marketing tool in application. As more and more products are sold in the form of self-service in supermarkets and discount stores. The packaging box must perform many marketing tasks. The packaging box has many meanings.



Paper Gift box


As we know, the so called “packing boxes” are used for packaging products. They can be classified by material such as wooden box, paper box, cloth box, leather box, acrylic box and so on. They can also be sorted by product name such as gift boxes, wine boxes, chocolate box, pencil box, food box, tea box, etc. Now, the packing boxes are evolved into a type that is made of mixed materials. The main functions of packing boxes: is to ensure the safety of the product transportation and improve the product quality.

Packing boxes are generally used as a mid-range packaging method, which is between the inner packaging and the carton packaging. They usually have several colors on the surface to gives consumers a strong visual sense, so that the consumers can understand the overall appearance and color of the commodity. So they are particularly suitable for the goods that are not allowed to remove the packing box before consumers buy them. Nowadays, they have been widely used as a matching package in the industries such as electronics, food, wine, medicine, clothing, sporting goods, etc. In a word, it is an indispensable industry for the society.


1.Protecting goods

Protecting goods is one of the important functions of packaging boxes. In the process of circulation, commodities may be affected by various external factors, causing damage, pollution, leakage or deterioration of commodities, and reducing or losing use value of commodities. Scientific and reasonable packaging can make the product resist the destruction of various external factors, thereby protecting the performance of the product and ensuring the integrity of the product quality and quantity. Effective product packaging can play a role in protecting products from moisture, heat, cold, volatilization, pollution, freshness, fragility, and deformation.


2.Easy to circulate

The packaging box provides conditions and convenience for commodity circulation. The goods are packaged in a certain quantity, shape, specification, size and different containers, and various signs are usually printed on the outside of the product packaging, reflecting the name, quantity, specification, color of the packaged object, and the volume of the overall packaging box , Gross weight, net weight, factory name, factory address, and precautions during storage and transportation, etc., which is not only conducive to the distribution and allocation of goods, counting and counting, but also conducive to the rational use of various transportation tools and warehouse capacity, and improve the efficiency of transportation, loading and unloading, stacking Transport effects, accelerate the circulation of commodities, and improve the economic benefits of commodity circulation.


3. Promote sales

Exquisite product packaging boxes can beautify products, promote products and promote sales. Packaging can not only improve the market competitiveness of commodities, but also attract customers and guide consumption with its novel and unique artistic charm. It has become a leading factor in promoting consumer purchases and is a silent salesman of commodities. High-quality packaging is of great significance in improving the competitiveness of export commodities, expanding export earnings, and promoting the development of foreign trade.


4. Convenient consumption

The sales packaging varies with different commodities, and the packaging size is appropriate, which is convenient for consumers to carry, store and use. The drawings, trademarks and text descriptions on the packaging not only facilitate the identification of consumers, but also introduce the composition, nature, purpose, use and storage methods of the goods, which play a role in facilitating and guiding consumption.


5. Cost savings

Goods packaging boxes are closely related to production costs. Reasonable packaging can integrate scattered commodities in a certain number of forms, thereby greatly increasing the loading capacity and facilitating loading, unloading and transportation, and saving transportation and storage costs. Some packaging can also be recycled multiple times, saving packaging materials and the production of packaging containers, which is conducive to reducing costs and improving economic benefits.

Post time: Sep-28-2020