How many processes are there in making a gift box?

As gift boxes have become more popular in recent years, more and more people have become interested in making their own gift boxes. Most of the high-end gift boxes in daily life are made of paper, and the paper surface is most suitable for more processing. Although the gift boxes look simple, it is not easy to make them. Here are a few steps.

Packing boxes are divided into the following types: 1. Heaven and Earth cover, 2. Bookshaped box, 3. Folding box, 4. Drawer box, gift box production process is more complex than folding paper box, folding paper box processing is generally by printing – surface finishing (hot stamping silver, lamination, UV, convex, etc.)- die cutting – paste box – inspection – packing.



First, design patterns based on requirements and culture.

Second, make samples according to the drawings. Nowadays many people like beautiful gift boxes. So, a gift box usually has not only four basic colors, but also some special colors.

Third, choose the cardboard, the general gift box board is made of cardboard or cardboard. Scheduling production materials (surface paper, enclosures, inner paste, bottom paper, cardboard or density board, inner support materials, etc.), grey cardboard referred to as grey board card, is produced from a recycled waste paper. It is mainly divided into single ash, double ash, full ash and highlight, according to the customer’s requirements for surface flatness. It belongs to the environmental protection packaging material, the quantity ranges from 250g to 10000g, the thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 20mm, and there is no upper limit for the thickness and quantity. The ash card with appropriate specifications is usually selected according to the size of the gift box.

Fourth, printing. Because the gift box is the outer packing, the printing process is very strict. No color difference and ink spots.

Fifth, surface treatment. In general, most gift boxes require surface treatment. The most common methods are light gum, dumb gum, UV, light oil and dumb oil. Post-production process (laminating, embossing, UV, bronzing, embossing, die cutting and other parts of the process according to the need to choose)

The choice of paper is very important according to the client’s document design requirements and the effect to be reflected. This aspect mainly considers: (1) the paper type, for example is to use coated paper, or art paper, pearl paper? The thickness of the paper. Paper should not be too thick, thick paste when easy to wrinkle, but also not too thin, otherwise the convex effect can not be reflected. Consider the decorative effect of the surface



Surface decoration process is very, very much, the most common main offset printing, and then on this basis for a variety of processes are: reverse glazing; (2) coated film (light film, dumb film, touch film, scratch film, etc.); Hot stamping (gold, red gold, colored gold, silver, laser, etc.); (4) local scraping UV oil or screen ink; Special seven colored powder; 6 IP convex; Embossing and so on.

Sixth, backing up is the last. All the gift boxes must be backed up by hand in order to reach certain beauty.(It will take some time to make the box, so it will inevitably have topsoil and stains, so we need to finish cleaning the box.)

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