How is the packing boxes developed?

With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, people’s demand in packing boxes will continue to increase. So, consumers now put forward higher requirements to the quality of packing boxes. So it requires applying new technologies in the production process, and continuously improving the automation level of the Equipment. Only when adapting to the new changes and meet the requirements of different users can packing boxes enterprises improve their competitiveness.

It is must be tested by the market if you want to know whether a commodity can have good sales or not. Packaging plays a very important role throughout the whole marketing process. It communicates with the consumers by its own unique image, making them be interesting in the goods at first sight. As the market economy develops in China, most consumers are becoming more and more rational. This not only increases the difficulty of product sales, but also makes the packaging boxes design encounter an unprecedented challenge.



Paper Gift box

With the continuous development of social economy, the gradual strength of the modern industrial market has also led to the development of packaging. Want to make your own products stand out from the crowd, the packaging box has gradually become the key to choice. People use packaging shells to express their feelings, and with the improvement of material and spiritual living standards, more and more attention is paid to product packaging.

1. Display the main packaging: the perspective packaging of the contents can be seen through the outer packaging, which is increasingly popular with consumers. Although this effect can be achieved through cardboard openings, many brand marketers are choosing to achieve this goal through a combination of packaging-embedding a plastic window in a cardboard structure. Cardboard and plastic will have a very effective combination in the future.

2. Textured material: Textured material has become very popular in cosmetic packaging. Texture is often produced by embossing patterns on a whole sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it imparts a touch that is different from standard or smooth cardboard. Although the final effect of using smooth or matte is more, most customers still prefer a matte effect combined with textured materials.



Printed Paper Box

3. Flashing and dazzling: In cosmetic packaging boxes, packaging made of flashing and dazzling materials has begun to appear to achieve the purpose of attracting eyeballs. Special effect inks, paints and metal materials are joining this trend. Manufacturers strive to differentiate their products through this innovation, but at the same time pay attention to the cost. Therefore, the way to achieve this appearance and to save costs is to use metallic ink or gloss in printing. The role of pearl oil. In the future, we will see more dazzling decorative boxes on the market.

4. Oddly-shaped box shape: More and more companies require different packaging box shapes, requiring some changes that break the tradition instead of a conventional shape. A relatively new change in this area is the use of injection molded plastic end caps.

With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for packaging boxes will continue to increase.

Post time: Sep-28-2020